C1's Field Work: Spring Convening Video Access

By Company One Theatre (other events)

2 Dates Through May 31, 2021

Field Work is a season-long program supporting new play makers who are seeking tools to navigate this Pandemic Year. As artists, how do we manage the political, cultural, and personal trauma of this moment? Can creative practice support communal healing?

Our Spring Convening — which included a mix of live and pre-recorded sessions with guest artists and leaders around the country — ran April 24-May 1. 

Though live sessions are now over, the creative and professional development content from Field Work live on as digital recordings in which we explore what kind of community we want to forge, during and after this period of social distancing. 

Thanks to partnership with the Boston Public Library, access to Field Work videos is Pay-What-You-Want, starting at $0.

May 7-31, 2021: Video Access to Spring Field Work Sessions
What does our Better Future look like? Programming includes workshops, nuts-and-bolts skill building, and roundtables on a variety of topics for civically engaged artists. 

See below for an overview of available video content, and check the Field Work blog for full details on sessions and guest artists.

Like all Company One Theatre programming, Field Work aligns to our organizational mission to build community at the intersection of art and social change. Our vision is a Boston defined by justice, equity, and artistic innovation. 

- "Forging an Anti-Racist Theatre" with Tonasia Jones & Dawn Meredith Simmons
- "Artist Residencies & Partnerships" with Michael Colford (BPL), Micah Rosegrant, & John J King
- "Civic Engagement" with Audrey Seraphin
- "Nuts & Bolts for Teaching Artists" with the C1 Education team, & teaching artists
- "Budgeting From Your Values" with Karthik Subramanian & Sarah Shampnois
 - "Transformative Practice" with Daniel Alexander Jones & Kirsten Greenidge
- "Artist Resources in the Boston Public Library Special Collections" with Kristin Parker
- "Telling Your Story" with Oompa & Tyler Prendergast
- "Directing New Work" with Eric Ting, Megan Sandberg-Zakian, Summer L. Williams, & Shawn LaCount
- "Inclusive Character Building & Casting Processes" with Kim Heil, M. Sloth Levine, & Josh Glenn-Kayden
- "Building Community Across Digital Divides" with Lauren Gunderson, Ngoc-Tran Vu, & Jasmine Brooks
- "Dope North Star Workshop" with Diana Oh



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